What Actually Happens To You During A Massage?

What Actually Happens To Your Body During A Massage? 

Nirvelli Day Spa deep tissue massageAre you looking for a unique and enjoyable massage experience? Well, Nirvelli Day Spa is the place to be for natural massage remedies that can treat your body and soul like never before. Meet highly experienced and dedicated medical massage therapists offering a wide array of massage packages, ensuring they can meet your need for relaxation no mater what. Are you having pain? Chances are we’ve got a type of massage that’ll treat your exact issues!

How Massage Works

Whether you’ve had a massage before or you’re planning to have one soon, you need to know what actually happens to your body during a massage – both mental and physical. Right? Let’s find out! Massages may seem simple on the surface, but deep down they’re very precise and do a lot of different things for and to the body!

The Mental Touch Of A Massage

We call this the relaxation response created by the massage therapy and it’s meant to combat the physical effects of stress. Stress can cause a lot of heart and general body issues later in life. At Nirvelli Day Spa, you’ll experience relaxation gently as your therapist uses the best traditional massage and pain relief techniques for YOU.

At this point, both the heart rate and breathing rate slows down and your body starts moving into a more relaxed state. In the process, the blood pressure decreases and the production of stress hormones go down and the body’s muscles gradually begin to release any form of tension, leading you to feeling more and more relaxed as time goes on!

On top of this, the relaxation response also reduces the risks associated by the physical effects of stress. Massage therefore lowers the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, sleeplessness, hypertension, anxiety, physiological issues, stubborn fatigue and digestive disorders. That’s a pretty good deal right there!

The Physical Touch Of A Massage

This is what we refer to as the mechanical responses of a massage. There are two major effects of the physical manipulation of massage.

One: there is an increased blood and lymph circulation through the entire body and this is extremely beneficial when it comes to cell cleansing and nourishment.

Two: relaxation of the soft tissue – what we call the primary muscles. It involves soothing and releasing the nervous tissues as well as the deeper connective tissues. This will leave you feeling lose and flexible for a while after your massage.

Massage And Improved Circulation

As mentioned earlier, that massage increases the blood and lymph circulation throughout the body. As a matter of fact, massage is a tireless physical exercise that helps move the body fluids around in a healthy way. These are the fluids that are responsible for cleansing and nourishing your body to help you stay healthy, active and energetic through effective removal of waste matter that might even cause slight swelling in the soft tissues.

Massage And Relaxed Muscles

Did you know that we unconsciously hold our muscles and this can result in a reduction of any painful muscle spasms leading to nerve irritation? That’s why we need massage to help lower the everyday tension we carry around.

When we have a relaxed nervous system, transmission of messages to and from the brain become easier and efficient. This improves the overall functioning of body muscles and organs. Only a massage therapist can access some deeper muscles of the body such as the spinal musculature. It can actually be unsafe for anyone other than a massage therapist to target things such as the spine muscles, they can cause permeant damage rather than provide benefits!

Massages Are Effective For Keeping A Healthy Body Functioning

If you never knew, your body organs too benefits from massage. Having distressed nerves, muscles and bones directly affects your organs. That’s probably why they reflect this when they start to dysfunction. To avoid this and enjoy a more relaxed body overall, call Nirvelli Day Spa now or visit our website for more details about our massage packages.

So, regardless of what may be ailing you, a massage from Nirvelli Day Spa in Cary NC may be just what you need to help you get through everyday life a little bit easier. Contact them today and see what they can offer you! (919) 297-0107!


Nirvelli Day Spa deep tissue massageHow Can I Benefit From A Medical Massage?

Often times, people associate massages with spa treatments or leisure and relaxation. While a majority of individuals who go for massages do it for these reasons, some choose a medical massage because of the health benefits associated with it.

If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, an injury, or certain medical conditions, a good medical massage might be just what you need to help you with your healing.

Below are some of the benefits of a medical massage.

  1. Reduces inflammation

Some health conditions and excessive workouts can cause inflammation of the muscles. A medical massage can help reduce the inflammation and stimulate blood flow in your sore muscles right after a workout.

  1. Improve circulation

Medical massages are also key to improving oxygen and blood flow in your body. There are certain mechanisms that are employed during such medical massages to help oxygen and blood flow better within your body. This improves overall healing and good feeling.

  1. Stress relief

Have you been under a lot of stress lately? Do you suffer from anxiety? Besides medication and other forms of treatment, a medical massage can help relieve stress and promote wellness. A massage can offer the same amount of stress reduction as medication without all of the horrible side-effects that those sometimes come with.

  1. Pain relief

Some illnesses are associated directly with pain. Medical massages are part of the treatments used to alleviate pain in specific parts of the body.

  1. Improve digestion

Research indicates that certain types of medical massages help in digestion by enhancing the peristaltic movements in the digestive tract. You may think, why in the world would I want that? Well, some people suffer from issues that may make it hard for them to do these tasks, and any kind of assistance is very welcomed.

  1. Improves posture

Illness, tension or injury can affect posture and cause one to slouch. Medical massages help relieve tension in the spine and neck, ultimately improving one’s posture. Every degree of posture that you lose puts more and more stress on your neck and body, the best thing you can do for your pain and posture alike is be conscious about your posture.

  1. Alleviate headaches

If you suffer from migraines or tension headaches, a good medical massage can help alleviate the pain. Headaches can be caused by pain in the shoulders, neck, or pinched nerves. A medical massage can be instrumental in decreasing some of these symptoms and inadvertently decreasing headaches. Even if your headache isn’t origionated from one of these causes, a medical massage can help to relieve it in part!

  1. Promote calmness

Besides stress, you might be suffering from hyperactivity, anxiety, or even pressure all of which can affect your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Medical massages are one of the therapeutic measures taken to increase the sense of calmness during such times. They help promote clarity and alleviate the pressures that come with everyday living. We could all use a little more calmness in our every day life, that’s for sure.

  1. Treatment of injuriesNirvelli Day Spa massage

Injuries to the knee, back, shoulder/neck, and other parts of the body are usually treated with various types of physiotherapy and medical massage therapy. These treatments help in enhancing movement as well as healing in the affected parts.

If you are in the Clayton, North Carolina area and looking for an ideal place to have a medical massage, Nirvelli day spa is the perfect spot for you. The spa has a wealth of experience in giving different types of massages including medical massages Clayton.

One of the key reasons why people choose Nirvellin day spa in Clayton is because they only work with experienced and qualified massage therapists who are familiar with a wide range of massage techniques, thus providing the specific help each client needs. Nirville day spa offers a wide variety of holistic medicine, so chances are you’ll be able to find the right treatment for you.

So, regardless of what may be ailing you, a massage from Nirvelli Day Spa in Cary NC may be just what you need to help you get through everyday life a little bit easier. Contact them today and see what they can offer you! Call today – (919) 297-0107!


What Common Ailments Can A Massage Help To Alleviate

What Common Ailments Can A Massage Help to Alleviate?

A visit to the spa can do more for you other than simply pampering; it can also be quite beneficial to your wellness and health. Massage therapy is effective in helping to promote blood flow and soothe sore muscles. Massage also helps to relieve stress for most people. Prevention is always better than having to cure things, and this is where massage therapy comes in.

There are various massage techniques employed by therapists to help people get through health conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. You can find massage services in Cary NC, aside from reflexology, spot massages, and Swedish massages at chiropractic offices, hotels, yoga studios, and spas.

Massage therapy in Cary NC involves manually manipulating the soft body tissues and muscular structure i.e. the ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, and muscle. Regular massages in Cary NC helps to keep the body functioning optimally while promoting emotional and physical health in the following ways.

A significant number of people receiving massages do so to aid in alleviating pain that is associated with chronic health conditions, injuries, soreness, and stiffness. Massages are effective in relaxing stiff joints and muscles not to mention it helps to fight the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This is a chronic condition that exhibits symptoms of tenderness, fatigue, and muscle pain. Frequent massages in Cary NC can relieve stress and alleviate spasms, discomfort, and muscle pain in fibromyalgia patients. Massage therapy has been shown to be quite effective as a complementary treatment. A combination of holistic exercises and massage are also beneficial for treating lower back pain particularly acupuncture massage.

Opting for massage in Cary NC can also help to reduce high blood pressure as a cost-effective, applicable, and safe approach to controlling hypertension and high blood pressure. Massage therapy has been used for alleviating feelings of stress and the fatigue and depressions that comes along with it. The occurrence of depression has been found to be triggered by chronic and active pain and this can result in worse pain or muscle tension.

More people are turning to alternative therapies for the treatment of underlying inflammatory and hormonal causes of diabetes. These alternative therapies include yoga therapies, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, dietary supplements and massage in Cary NC. These methods have shown effectiveness in reducing diabetic risk factors and symptoms without the side effects brought about by traditional diabetic medications or treatment approaches. Swedish massage therapies can be effective in helping cancer patients to deal with their symptoms and reduce their distress to encourage recovery.

Some massages in Cary NC, specifically sports massages are beneficial for enhancing recovery and athletic performance while keeping problems such as running injuries or ligament tears at bay. Athletes commonly receive massages at their training sites or athletic arenas to warm up their muscles and encourage blood flow before their events. Massage in Cary NC combined with practices such as deep breathing, meditation, and visualization are beneficial in helping to calm the nervous system and promote faster healing between events.

So, regardless of what may be ailing you, a massage from Nirvelli Day Spa may be just what you need to help you get through everyday life a little bit easier. Contact them today and see what they can offer you!


What Can A Massage Actually Do For Me?

What A Massage Can Do For You

We all know massages feel good and all, but what can they REALLY do for YOU? Having massages regularly can help your body work at optimum levels. Massages help in keeping you well emotionally and physically. Body massages have many great benefits and we will at some of them in this article.

Benefits Of Body Massages

Whether you’re having your entire body massaged or just parts of it, a massage can benefit your wellbeing in many ways.

  1. Helps alleviate Fibromyalgia symptoms.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterized by fatigue, muscle pain, and tenderness. There are specific Fibromyalgia massages that have proven to help in relieving stress and reducing muscle,  spasms and discomfort in Fibromyalgia patients.

  1. Promotes healing after surgery.

After surgery, movement is limited and therefore muscles are likely to get sore, joints stiff and blood circulation limited. Massages can help get your blood flowing, your joints moving and your muscles relaxed. Ultimately, you’ll find that you’re healing faster from the surgery and able to move around better with each massage.

  1. Improving your mood

Massages are relaxing and if you have a demanding stressful life or have had a really bad day, a good massage can help you relax and re-energize. A massage lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and raise the number of feel good hormones dopamine and serotonin. In fact, massage therapy is used as part of treatment for depression and anxiety.

  1. Lowering blood pressure

Research shows that administering a 10 minute back massage weekly on patients with high blood pressure helps in lowering the blood pressure. Massages tend to help lowering blood pressure more effectively than merely relaxing.

  1. Increasing flexibility

Whether you’re an athlete who constantly subjects their joints to stress or a middle aged individual whose range of motion seems to be compromised. A massage can help in improving range of ration and flexibility. During a massage, the connective tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons are all worked on and this helps in encouraging the production of national lubricants within the connective tissue fibers.

  1. Managing Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel is a painful disease that causes the median nerve which connects to your forearm to pinch at the wrist. People suffering from this condition experience numbness in their palms, middle fingers and thumb, tingling, and burning. It make it challenging for one to grip objects or even form a fit. Although medication is used in treating it, research has shown that performing massages on patients significantly helps in alleviating symptoms.

Where Can You Get A Massage?

If you live in North Carolina, USA or happen to be there and need a massage, well Nirvelli Day Spa is the place to go. They offer unique treatments like Rolf Structural Integration, Thai Reflexology, and so much more. They have a long list of comprehensive massage packages and a team of proficient medical massage therapists who are trained in different types of massaging techniques.

Nirvelli Day Spa is the most referred in all of the Raleigh Triangle area. Check out their site https://www.nirvelli.comto learn more about all the services they offer and to book an appointment with one of many medial massage therapists.

Can I Use My HSA for Massage Therapy?

Nirvelli Day Spa massage therapyIt is costly and frustrating to spend money for your health. Healthcare needs are expensive and can pile up quickly even with a short illness. That said, there are plenty of ways to get tax breaks by using a Health Savings Accounts.

What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

It is a tax-advantaged savings account that belongs to the holder of the account even after they change jobs. The saving account reduces your adjusted gross income and lowers taxable income. In most US states the account earns interest tax-free. The funds are available to the account holder year after year and can be used with Medicare after retirement for qualified medical expenses. Each HSA is paired with a high-deductible health plan which usually has a lower premium than a traditional policy. HSA makes it possible for its user to save pretax money and withdraw it tax-free to spend on qualified medical expenses.

HSA offers coverage for a wide range of treatments that may otherwise not be medical necessities. These include gym memberships and massage therapy.

HSA for Massage Therapy

Massages to improve general health and wellbeing do not qualify. Massage therapy can be classified as a medical necessity by HSA provided the patient has a letter of medical necessity from a doctor. Massage therapy may be prescribed by a doctor for a specific injury or trauma or to treat high-stress levels that are causing other diagnosed medical conditions.

The HSA, apart from covering the massage therapy treatment, also provides for Cobra premiums, dental care, vision treatment, weight-loss programs, alcohol and drug addiction treatment, fertility enhancement, and any conditions after the age of 65.

For more information on massage therapy or to schedule an appointment, contact Nirvelli Day Spa at 919-297-0107.

What Problems Can Massage Therapy Treat?

Nirvelli Day Spa massage therapyThere is more to a massage than a pleasant way to relax the body. Over the years, massage has proven to be a successful and productive treatment for many medical conditions. Research being conducted on the health benefits of massage therapy in a clinical setting has substantially shown its effectiveness in healing and recovery.

Here are some of the conditions that have responded well to massage therapy:

  • Fibromyalgia – massage therapy reduces the flare-ups and pain in the muscles and tissues.
  • Asthma & Bronchitis
  • Hypertension
  • Recovering from major surgery such as heart bypass surgery
  • Breast Cancer & other types of cancer
  • Carpal Tunnel – The condition that causes pain and reduces the mobility of the wrist
  • Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Common cold and flu
  • Depression
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Sports injuries
  • Muscle sprains and strains
  • Frozen Shoulder – relieves inflammation, stiffness, and pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Sciatica
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome –Injuries caused by trauma, straining of muscles, and even those that were treated by surgery heal faster
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  • Physical pain: tense muscles, neck, back, shoulder, knee or elbow pains

Massage therapy, especially when administered in the early stages of a developing condition, reduces and may even eliminate the need for medication or surgery. This form of treatment has been paired with other therapies such as chiropractic treatment, and now it is also used in some cancer clinics, OBGYN offices, orthopedic centers and many private massage practices. It works both as a treatment for health conditions and a fitness strategy for clients undergoing it. Massage therapy is no longer restricted to luxurious uses; it has become an integral part of life, one powerful enough to restore optimal health to any suffering individual.

For more information on massage therapy or to make an appointment contact Nirvelli Day Spa at 919-297-0107.

Do I Want a Deep Tissue Massage or a Swedish Massage?

Nirvelli day Spa massage therapyWith all of the different types of massage therapy offered today, it might be a bit daunting to choose which one is best suited for you – especially if it’s your first time.

When it comes to Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage, both are very popular, but for customers who know nothing about massages, it might be a little tricky to choose between the two.

Here’s what you need to know about the differences between the two types of massage, what areas each target and which one is best for your needs.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is the foundation of the art of massage. It’s typically characterized by friction techniques, kneading, and long strokes, and can be performed using either gentle pressure or deeper pressure. The Swedish massage is the usual go-to if you’re dealing with a lot of stress from work, school, or just everyday life! It’s a soothing, relaxing massage that relaxes muscle tissue while increasing the body’s circulation, sending healthy, oxygen-rich blood to your muscles and tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is much more muscle-tissue focused. Specifically for pain relief, deep tissue massages are characterized by much deeper pressure. They’re great for removing knots and breaking up scar tissue, making them a favorite of athletes, as well as those who do manual labor like heavy lifting, farming or repair work. Unlike the Swedish massage that just works on the top layer of muscle, a deep tissue massage works through to get to the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

A Swedish Massage is the one for you if:

You’re experiencing stress. It will allow you to relax and calm down after a particularly stressful week or month, helping you to remain stress-free, happy and at peace.

If you just want to spend a weekend relaxing on your own for some general self-care, a Swedish massage is simple but effective.

Better moods, sleep, and mental focus are just three of the benefits of a Swedish massage. If you’re looking for something light and regular that has lasting effects, the Swedish massage is for you.

A Deep Tissue Massage is a much better choice if:

You’re experiencing chronic pain in your muscles

You have a job or hobby that requires substantial physical activity that might cause you to feel achy, strained or overworked.

You have old injuries that are still bothersome. If you have an old injury that never properly healed, a deep tissue massage will help with scar tissue and adhesions that are present.

If you’ve been torn between a Swedish massage and a Deep Tissue massage, there’s no need to worry! With these simple tips on which massage suits your different needs, you can have a much better sense of direction on which massage is the one for you.

For more information on massage therapy or to schedule an appointment contact Nirvelli Day Spa at 919-297-0107.